Dirty Circus

What’s that?  The Dirty Circus at Mayo Pride?  Well now!  That’s surely not to be missed!


Footgolf is taking place at footgolfmayo.com in Westport in aid of the first ever Mayo Pride.  Sunday June 18th, from 12-5 is the place to be for the hilarious and fun activity!


Bingo and Fashion Show!

Our Bingo night took place last week and was a huge success in helping us raise more money for the first ever Mayo Pride. Sadly Dixie Normous was unable to attend due to a nasty accident with a turkey baster (her words!) but Rob Partridge, Galway based event manager and MC, took the mic and called out the numbers. JR Interactive kindly supplied the bingo equipment and Rockys gave us the venue.

Six games were played and by all accounts we could have gone on all night! People really got in the spirit of things and applauded each other for winning each line or full house.

Huge thanks Rockys, Rob Partridge, JR Interactive and all the people who took part. Shout out to the two kind players who came up to us at the end and have us back their winnings as a donation to the Pride fund. Thank you so much ladies.

Our next fundraiser is a fashion show kindly been organised by Don Racine. Tickers are €10 each available from 087 972 5586 or info@mayopride.com and includes a wine reception.

Be great to see you there!

First Fundraiser Massive Success!

The Connaught Inn

On Thursday the first fundraiser for Mayo Pride was held, a table quiz at the Connaught Inn in Castlebar and It was a huge success!

So many people turned up, we were worried we would run out of tables but in the end we managed to squeeze everyone in and kicked off at 8:30pm.

Rob Partridge

The night was hosted by Galway’s own Rob Partridge who kept the questions coming while Cathy Blake Snr, Cathy Blake Jnr, both supporting Mayo Pride from OutWest, and Bradley Rowles from the Galway Community Pride Festival, checked the answers and kept a track of the teams scores.

With six question rounds, a picture round and music round, the night kicked off with a General Knowledge section which asked contestants what the biggest planet in our solar system is and what’s the name for female swan? From there they moved on to the Sports round and then on to TV & movies. Rob asked which title role did Elsa Lanchester take in a 1935 movie and adjusting for inflation what is the highest grossing movie of all time?

The music round took place next which saw contestants pick out songs from Bonne Tyler, Walk the Moon and The Killers and after this we took a well earned break while the two Cathys sold raffle tickets for some of the amazing prizes donated.

With five of the teams in the running for the top spots round five kicked off with questions all about Ireland and everything to play for. Following this was a round all about inventors then round seven was the picture round (see below). Contestants were asked to work out who the ten celebrities were from their yearbook photo. The quiz ended with an LGBT themed round with questions such as how many colours are in the original Pride flag, who’s directorial debut was “I Killed My Lesbian Wife, Hung Her on a Meat Hook, and Now I Have a Three-Picture Deal at Disney” and in what year did Harvey Milk die?


Second place winners “E for Idiots”

After drawing the raffle Rob announced the winners. ”E for Idiots” took second place and taking the crown for the first ever Mayo Pride fundraising table quiz were ”The Quizzicals!”

A representative of winners “The Quizzicals”

We are thrilled to announce that over €800 was raised towards the first ever Mayo Pride


Thank You!

We would like to thank The Connaught Inn and their staff for their hard work in helping us put on this event as well as donating a prize for the raffle. Prizes were also donated from Mayo Roller Bowl, Bliss Hair Salon, Unique Hair, Thunder Road Cafe, GASS, The Mill Times Hotel and The Wyatt Hotel and we send our heartfelt thanks to them for their support.

We would also like to thank Cathy Blake Snr, Cathy Blake Jnr and Bradley Rowles for their work behind the scenes on the night and to Rob Partridge for his work as host and creating the questions.

Mayo Pride wouldn’t be able to go ahead without the kind support of the community and people of Mayo and we thank you for your continued support.

Celebrity Yearbook Photo Round. Images courtesy of Celebuzz.

Why not try answering in the comments!

  • Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system.
  • Pen is the name given to a female swan.
  • Elsa Lanchester played the Bride of Frankenstein.
  • Gone with the Wind is the highest grossing movie of all time, adjusting for inflation.
  • There were eight colours in the original Pride rainbow flag.
  • Ben Affleck directed I Killed my Lesbian Wife, Hung Her on a Meathook, and Now I Have a Three Picture Deal at Disney”
  • Harvey Milk died in 1978

It’s all go!

With so many people giving us spot prizes, offers of funding and support it’s all go for the FIRST EVER  Mayo Pride!

At the last meeting there was good news as more supporters came on board to help us create a celebration of LGBT life in Mayo. Attendees from the current Galway Community Pride Festival turned up to help out as well as members from OutWest, the twenty year old support group based in Mayo. Bi+ Ireland have expressed an interest in holding an event at Mayo Pride as well as the National LGBT Helpline!

We’re still looking out for volunteers.  If you’re interested get in touch.

Are you coming to the fundraiser table quiz on Thursday? There’s gonna be and interesting set of questions and the enthusiastic quiz master and Galway’s legend in his own lunchtime, Rob Partridge, is going to be on hand to challenge you! You really don’t want to miss out on this first fund raiser for the first ever Mayo Pride!

Quiz Night – Thursday 23rd February

It’s a night of first!  The first fundraiser is taking place for the first ever Mayo Pride.  A table quiz is on in The Connaught Inn on Spencer Street. on Thursday 23rd February.  Come along and support Mayo Pride and the LGBT+ community!

Get Involved!

Organising Mayo Pride is no easy task but the committee are hard working and dedicated.  This doesn’t mean they’re able to fill every role that’s need during the planning process and especially during the event itself.

The committee would love it if you’d get involved!  To get involved in the planning just turn up to a meeting but to join us as an official Mayo Pride volunteer at the various events being planned head over to our volunteer registration page and complete the form.

Join in and be part of this inaugural event!  We have biscuits!

Planning in progress!

Last night a planning meeting took place and quite a few things were decided.

Cathy Blake Snr chaired the meeting and welcomed those in attendance and we kicked off with looking back over what had happened since the last meeting.

I’ll not bore you with the finer points but suffice to say the web domain was bought, a quick site designed, twitter and Facebook set up and the plans put in place for the main event, fund raisers and the recruiting of volunteers. Nothing, other than the dates of the event, is set in stone so if you want to come along and have your say at the next meeting you’d be more than welcome!

The next public planning meeting, followed by drinks in the pub, is on Wednesday 15th of February in the Family Resource Centre on Tucker Street in Castlebar. We’ll have biscuits!