We are delighted to announce that Gloria, Dublin’s Lesbian and Gay Choir, are putting on a performance in the Louisburgh Parochial Hall  on 15th June 2019 at 7.45pm, with proceeds going to Mayo Pride.

Join them for their ‘Happy Together’ summer concert and experience the camp to the classical under the Direction of Mr Ian Packham. 

Glória was founded in October 1995. An ad placed in Gay Community News invited singers interested in forming a choir. About 25 people came along on that first night – some who still sing with the choir – and today they have a singing membership of around 54. The choir’s repertoire is wide ranging; from musicals to madrigals and from classical to camp. The songs are chosen sometimes to surprise, sometimes to challenge, but always to entertain!

The choir was originally established to provide a safe and comfortable space for gay and lesbian people to meet and sing together, and to promote a positive image of  Ireland’s growing LGBT community. Glória maintains an environment that is inclusive, welcoming and supportive of people from all backgrounds and different life experiences irrespective of gender identity, or sexuality. Just as their repertoire is varied so is their membership, with singers from all walks of life. And for some it has been the place where they met their partner in love.

Gloria are very talented indeed and have travelled extensively throughout Ireland and the world performing to the masses. We are looking forward immensely to their performance here in Mayo and we are extremely grateful for their support.  Tickets are available on Eventbrite and a small number are also available through Mayo Pride and Staunton’s Pharmacy in Louisburgh.

We can’t wait to see  you all there on the night!

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Gloria - Dublin Gay & Lesbian Choir