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Mayo Pride

Pride Family Storytime with Marion Mary the 6th

Pride Family Storytime with Marion Mary the 6th

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4pm, Saturday, June 3rd, 2023

Join Marian Mary the 6th in The Yoga Root at 4pm Saturday for pride family storytime in partnership with Tertulia Bookshop. This is a free event but you will need to book tickets as places are limited. 


"Marianmarythe6th became a bookworm when she was little,
Her Mammy would tell her tales of adventure and riddle.
From the children of Lear to Peter Pan and Captain Hook,
She was never seen without her book.
She read in the playground, she read in the park,
But her favourite time to read was in bed, after dark.
Then when she grew up a butterfly she became,
And though she could fly her love for reading remained the same.
So she promised herself that she would spread the same joy
That her mother shared with her when she was a little boy.
So now she tells stories about acceptance and love,
About how we're all the same…when push comes to shove.
So come join her for this drag story time,
Where she will spin you a yarn and might even sing you a rhyme." Marian Mary the 6th.

Mayo Pride is proud to partner with Tertulia for this special family event. The mission of Tertulia is to contribute to a positive change in the way the world thinks. The vision of Tertulia is to live in a world where every story matters, to live in a world that understands that (our) stories are interconnected. It is this understanding that can help make our world a more equal society. See more at

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