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Mayo Pride

Pride Prep Pop Up

Pride Prep Pop Up

Sat, June 1st, from 11am - Westport Family Resource Centre

Join ‘IDIR IMEALL’ and friends for a hands-on workshop is your ticket to expressing your Pride spirit through personalised garments and dazzling badges. Whether you're a crafting novice or a DIY expert, you will be guided you through the process of creating wearable art that screams "Pride!"

🎨 Event Highlights:

Badge Making: Learn how to design and craft your own Pride badges infusing your personality into every piece.

Garment Pride-ifying: Transform everyday clothing into statement pieces with tips and tricks from our resident artists. Whether it's splashes of paint, sewn-on patches, or glitter galore, your Pride outfit will be anything but ordinary.

What to Bring: Bring any clothing items you want to Pride-ify, all badge material will be provided.

🌟 About

‘IDIR IMEALL’ means between edges or boundaries. This workshop is perfect for crafters, fashion enthusiasts, or anyone eager to make a bold statement of identity and solidarity.

This is a free event, all are welcome.

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